2022 Design Trends

Tactile texture, warmer material palettes and maximalism, learn more about these key 2022 design trends.

Autumn Colour Schemes

Two different, but equally inviting colour schemes built from the same solid foundation of neutrals.

Turning Dreams into Reality

As part of our 125 year celebrations, we partnered with popular radio station ‘The Hits’ and property data and information website One Roof to launch the ‘Love Where You Live’ room makeover competition. The results? Phenomenal.

Colour Schemes - Evoke a summer feeling all year round

We’ve created two mood boards which harness the optimism of the brighter months. Find out how the use of colour can energise living spaces and boost your mood.

Biophilic Design

In its most simple form, biophilia refers to humanity’s innate connection with nature. We feel this intuitive connection most powerfully during spring, when our cloistered winter has come to an end. Because of this, biophilic design is the main trend for Spring ‘21.

Latest Interior Design Trends

Elevate a space into a sanctuary with these three current interior design trends which emphasise the importance of comfort, warmth and elegance.

How to Create a Design Feature with Wallpaper - by Alice & Caleb from Pearson & Projects

Alice and Caleb have put together this handy how to guide, to show how easy it is to hang Paste the Wall (or as we call it - So Ezy) wallpaper!

Wall Surface Preparation - for Wallpaper

You will have heard the painting rule of not skimping on the preparation if you want a perfect paint finish. The same applies for wallpaper, with the surface preparation being the most important part if you are wanting a flawless finish and wallpaper that stays put for many years to come; and on the other hand, easy to remove when the times comes to change things up.

How to Select Curtains & Blinds - by Alice from Pearson & Projects

Curtains and Blinds don’t just create a look within your home, they have an important function too. Alice from the duo 'Alice & Caleb', Pearson & Projects', and winners of the Block NZ Season 2 has put together this handy guide on how to select curtains & blinds.

Design It Yourself (DIY) - by Alice from Pearson & Projects

When it comes to renovations there is a new DIY - design it yourself, bringing that kiwi can do spirit to renovating with creativity and ingenuity. Alice from the duo 'Alice & Caleb', Pearson & Projects', and winners of the Block NZ Season 2 has put together this helpful guide.

Selecting a Neutral Wall Colour - by Alice from Pearson & Projects

Selecting a neutral wall colour can be a daunting process. But not to fear - Alice from the duo 'Alice & Caleb', Pearson & Projects', and winners of the Block NZ Season 2 has put together some helpful hints and tips to make the process easier.

Curtains - The Inside Track

Curtains do more than keep the warmth in; it lets you create a haven where you can snuggle up in style. So get inspired with this ‘inside track’ on everything you need to know about curtains.

Mood and Magic

Colour is magically mood-altering and a great thing to play with as you style your space. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect Master bedroom or a cosy lounge – understanding colour will give you some great new ideas. See all the details here.

Hallway Makeover Magic

Hallways create a first impression and are a window into the rest of your home. Clever design provides harmony and flow from your entrance through to the spaces where you live, work and sleep. Get inspired with these ideas. And for more, just pop in and talk to us in-store.

Adding Colour to Kitchens

Whether you want a complete kitchen makeover or just a way to add a little extra colour, we make it easier with great products and great advice. Check out these suggestions then pop in store and talk to our team. See all the details here.

Painted Glass

You can’t have missed the latest trend of painted glass; from mason jars to the humble tumbler – paint treatments are transforming everyday objects and long disused antiques to create bespoke pieces of art that are uniquely yours.

Wall Art

Wall art can be as dramatic or subtle as you prefer but is a terrific way to unleash your personality in your space. We’ve put together some ideas to spark your inspiration – all great looking and very easy to do.

Scandi-Chic Shelving

Repurposing crates and boxes gives you instant storage solutions with plenty of style. Your options are literally limitless so we’ve pulled together some great ideas to help get you inspired. It’s the perfect solution for every part of the house.