You love the new carpet that you have just chosen, the next decision is what carpet cushion (underlay). This plays a critical role in your carpet’s comfort, performance and appearance, so getting the choice right is vital.

What to consider:

  • Creating a softer “walk” or feel to the carpet
  • Thermal insulation keeping your home warmer
  • Dampens sound
  • Antimicrobial protection, inhibits bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites

When choosing underlay think about the type and amount of traffic your floor will be subject to:

  • If you stand a lot or have kids who play indoors, consider a denser more supportive cushioning
  • If you have pets in your home you may want antimicrobial protection against mould, bacteria or dust mites
  • Does someone in your home use a wheelchair or mobility device? A thick underlay is not going to work as well, so you may need to consider a heavier commercial grade

What is Rebonded Foam Chip?

  • It is predominantly made from post-industrial offcuts generated in the manufacture of foams for furniture and bedding industry
  • Residential foam chip underlay is typically graded by density and thickness.  The density tends to vary from 80kg and 130kg per cubic metre, and the thickness between 8mm and 11mm
  • The basic guide to follow is the higher the density and the thickness the more luxurious the feel will be

Are all underlays manufactured to the same standard?

  • The underlay should comply with New Zealand’s recognised standard AS4288:2003 -soft underlays for textile floor coverings

Can you reuse existing underlay under your new carpet?

  • The short answer is NO!
  • Reusing underlay may void your new carpet warranty as carpet manufacturers state that their carpet must be installed to the industry standard AS/NZS 2455.1:2007 – textile floor covering
  • Do not succumb to any advice given stating that the old underlay will be fine.  The old underlay will exhibit the same wear patterns as the old carpet, especially in the main traffic areas

The better the quality, the more likely you are going to be happy with the long-term outcome.

Take time to make sure you get the right product.