Furniture Oil

Welcome to Guthrie Bowron's collection of furniture oils, specialised to enhance and protect your beloved wooden furnishings.

Interior and Exterior Oil Furniture

Our range of furniture oils is designed to meet all needs, whether you are reviving indoor pieces or protecting outdoor furniture from the weather. 

Transform your living spaces with our specially formulated furniture oils, expertly curated to enrich the natural beauty of wood while providing durable protection. From rejuvenating tired wooden chairs to preserving the look of patio tables, Guthrie Bowron's furniture oils offer unmatched quality and performance.

Discover the ultimate solution for your outdoor furniture maintenance with Guthrie Bowron's outdoor furniture oils. Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, our exterior furniture oils penetrate deep into the wood, nourishing and shielding it from moisture, UV rays, and environmental damage. Whether it's a rustic garden bench or a contemporary patio set, our premium oils for wood furniture provide long-lasting protection, ensuring your outdoor pieces retain their charm and durability season after season. 

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