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We have a large variety of curtain colours to suit any and all projects! So that we can ensure ease of mind for our clients, we go further when choosing our suppliers. We ensure that our curtains are highly durable, easy to use, and perfect for your next big decorating idea.



Curtains that accent beautifully.



A natural calming effect.



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Get Creative with Curtain Colours for Every Space

Selecting the right curtain colours is crucial to infusing vitality into your living space while showcasing your unique style. At Guthrie Bowron, we offer a wide range of colourful curtains, including, green, blue, pink, and red, which can be used to establish diverse moods and ambiences. For neutral colour lovers, our range of white curtains or black curtains, can help to create a quiet and calming ambience in bedrooms. Alternately, beige and cream curtains offer an excellent choice, as their neutral tones provide the perfect contrast against vibrant wallpaper or dark furniture. For those looking for kids curtains, we also have a wide range of options that will add fun vibes to your kids room.

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