Interior Design Ideas

To showcase the amazing transformations that we can facilitate, along with Alex Fulton, Interior Designer, we’ve transformed a bus from boring to a beautiful showroom with Guthrie Bowron products and materials.

The bus then travelled around the country from October 2022 – February 2023, stopping by at Guthrie Bowron stores where visitors had the chance to check out the bus, ‘Spin & Win’ a variety of prizes, and enter our room makeover competition.

Thanks to everyone who scanned the QR code on the bus to go in the draw to win a $10,000 room makeover. This prize was drawn on the 13th of March, click here to find out who was drawn as the winner!


For an insight to the design process and products selected check out Alex Fulton's blog



Take a look at the Guthrie Bowron Inspo Roadie video!



View the full list of Guthrie Bowron products used in the "Inspo Roadie" bus