Creating a Design Feature with Wallpaper

I have vivid memories of selecting my first wallpaper, I was turning 5 years old and was given a bedroom makeover from my parents. I remember the thrill of turning those large sample books in-store filled with pinks and florals considering how my room would transform. I spent the whole day helping Dad, pasting the wallpaper as he hung it roll by roll on every wall of my room.


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As cute as my 5 year old interior design skills were, I am glad things have moved on since 1992, not just my design abilities, but also in the quality, design and ease of wallpaper itself. Paste-the-wall wallpaper (or as Guthrie Bowron have named it, 'So Ezy' wallpaper) has transformed how you hang wallpaper, as this specially developed backing  does not expand, allowing it to be hung dry without having to soak it in water, straight from the roll. In the future if you decide it’s time for a new look, ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers usually peel off easily – simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel upwards. There is no longer the need to call in a professional to hang your wallpaper (or in my case - my Dad), paste-the-wall wallpaper makes DIY possible for anyone. It is simple, easy and completely transforms a space.

With the vast array of colour, design, and texture options available, it can be challenging to make a selection from the thousands available. And while this process is not always simple, it is certainly well worth it, as wallpaper can make such an impact to your home. Here I hope to inspire you with the possibilities of wallpaper to add colour, depth, pattern and texture into your interior design.

Wallpaper brings colour to life

Colour transforms a space, as colour evokes our emotion and creates a feeling within a room. With wallpaper you can add as much colour as you want to a room depending on your wallpaper choice, you can select a floral piece with every pastel hue imaginable or one tone of light grey. Wallpaper gives you the ability to explore your colour palette in exciting ways. Within Guthrie Bowron's online catalogue, you can also search through wallpaper options based on the base colour you want to use, refining your search for your colour preference.

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View this white and grey geometric wallpaper on Pinteret

View this pink floral wallpaper on Pinterest

Wallpaper adds texture

Texture is visually beautiful, it brings depth and dimension to a space, which is needed in good interior design. Texture can take a flat, somewhat plain or boring space and give it an energy and dynamic look. When a texture looks stunning it draws us in and we feel the need to engage with it. Textured wallpaper makes you want to rub your hand across it - what this does is it adds another layer to our design, meaning it engages with both your sense of sight and touch.

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Wallpaper creates drama

When there is no drama in your interior design, meaning - no contrast or sense of dynamism in a space, it runs the risk of being boring and forgettable. Wallpaper is a sure way of creating drama in your space, it is likely to be the feature in your home that creates wow-factor. Sure, I have seen my fair share of wallpaper that make you take a second look – and for all the wrong reasons. But done right, a feature wallpaper will be the hero of your design.


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 View this red stripe wallpaper on Pinterest

Wallpaper brings energy

Wallpaper, especially ones with strong patterns have an energy, because it is repetitive. When there is a pattern or texture repeated over and over again along a wall, there is an energy, a sense of movement; the repetition takes you on a journey. You may have heard that a feature wallpaper “brings the room to life” - this is what the energy of wallpaper achieves.

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Wallpaper becomes your statement piece

I struggle when people consider wallpaper to be an additional or unnecessary cost when making a design impact with wallpaper means your spend less on additional furnishings. We selected a wallpaper from the Masterpiece collection by Eijffinger which is a premium product in our Master Bedroom. While this wallpaper was $287.99 per roll (70cm wide x 10.05m long), the design impact in our room means we have no need for any artwork or headboard - therefore overall we have saved ourselves money. A feature wallpaper piece becomes the equivalent to a large piece of art for your wall, when you consider how much art can cost - wallpaper is definitely a cost effective option.


If you are selecting wallpaper for your home, I would recommend browsing Guthrie Bowron’s online catalogue or seeking some inspiration from their Pinterest Boards. You can also browse through their extensive range in-store, where you can take home their sample books to try in your space or order a wallpaper sample if it is available.